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By Olympia Web Designs

Read Right is a unique and successful reading tutoring program. Read Right Reading Program is used in schools, corporations, correction facilities, colleges and at home.

Website Design

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The design for Read Right Reading Program is a clean and professional website design. Like all of the websites built by Olympia Web Designs, this website is mobile friendly and is easy to read on a cell phone and any device. is a large and informative website. Built to provide information to a variety of audiences.

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Website Content

Clean And Professional Website Design

Some of the features of this website are:

  • News: Used to show some of the many times Read Right has been proven effective.
  • Blog: Consists of articles written by the founder and developer of Read Right.
  • Reviews: Reviews from publications and other websites.
  • Video Library: Videos load and play quickly. Videos are organized into categories. Video thumbnails are designed to be attractive and flow with the website design.
  • Testimonies: A testimony about reading improvement appears at the bottom of most of the interior pages. Testimonies are organized into categories allowing for an appropriate testimony to be randomly generated. You can see the complete list of testimonies on Read Right’s smaller website