Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association

By Olympia Web Designs

Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association is an organization located in Olympia, WA. PCSGA represents and advocates for shellfish growers in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii.

Olympia Web Design is responsible for the backend programing and framework that stores and sorts PCSGA members information.  Another respected web design company is responsible for the front-end design of the website.

Unique Customization

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Most of the functionality of this site exists behind the scene in the admin area and is used for internal purposes.

Special custom programming features include:

…and much more.

Annual Conference and Tradeshow Registration

The PCSGA conference registration system is a complex registration system. This system is specially built to fit PCSGA’s specific needs. This system gives flexibility and control over pricing, events, early bird cut off dates and registration dates.

Some of the admin features of this registration system are:

  • Capability to set registration open and closing dates
  • Early bird cutoff date and early bird pricing
  • Different rates/pricing for non-members and each level of PCSGA membership
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Special events during conference
  • Capability for admin to edit each registration and pricing individually

Some of the features for the registrar are:

  • Online payment through a payment gateway API
  • Option to pay membership dues.
  • Ability to review and edit all information before the final submission.
  • Option to add multiple registration(s)
  • Online payment through a payment gateway API.

Password protected pages for Grower and Allied Members

Membership Password Protected Pages
Grower and Allied members can set up an account, create secure password, reset lost password and edit specific profile information. Logging into their account gives them access to webpages pages that are specifically built for each member type.

Admin Area and Membership Data

Membership Administration Area
The admin area of this site is built to accommodate PCSGA’s specific requirements. The admin area is the main part of this website. Built to accommodate the administration needs of this organization and their memberships. This backend functionality is quite complex and unique. It is unique because it was built specifically for PCSGA.

Olympia Web Designs can tailor make your website for your company’s specific needs.

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