Mobile Friendly Websites & Website Design

A responsive website means that the website responds to the size of the screen. A mobile-friendly responsive website will look different on a desktop or tablet than on a phone. A good mobile-friendly design will have text that is large enough to read on a phone and links that are spaced far enough apart that the user can easily click them.

Most of the sites that I put together and work on are WordPress sites and all the sites that I put together are mobile friendly. The WordPress platform allows you to easily manage and update the content on your site. WordPress has an extravagant amount of plugins that can be used to customize your site. What can’t be accomplished through a WordPress plugin, I can accomplish with custom programming.

NOTE: There are some sites on this page that I did not design, but I turned them into a mobile friendly, responsive site.

We Can ALL Help


We Can ALL Help!

I put together this website as a way to raise awareness of the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945. I put this together believing that PEOPLE REALLY DO CARE. I believe that, if people know they can help and are …