Physicians Direct Services

Physicians Direct Services is a company that connects their clients with physicians. Their cliental are mostly lawyers and insurance adjusters. was designed by my co-worker Andrew DeSumma.

Back-End Functionality – Admin Area

It is always my goal when putting together an admin area to use user centered design concepts that make navigating through the admin area as smooth as possible. The admin area of has the same look and feel as the front-end or WordPress section of the site, but is not part of WordPress. This section is 100% my coding.

Add Physicians: The physician information/data is the most important part of the system. In fact this is the reason for the site: So that their clients can login and find the Physician that has the expertise they are looking for and provides service to the area close to the patient in need of a medical exam.

Information store about each physician:

  • Name and Credentials
  • Medical Specialties
  • Uploaded document: CV and Legal Fees
  • State and Counties that the physician is provides services in.

Add Users: In the Admin Area is where the Users/Clients are added to the database. Each User has a unique password that is automatically generated when the user is added. The password enables the user to login and view the password protected pages on the front-end. Passwords can be regenerated by admins if the user loses or forgets their password. I did not build a system for the user to retrieve and change their password, because PDS said they did not want that functionality. The system generates a timestamp each time the user logs into the site, and the date of the last loged in time can be read in the Admin Area.

Create Admins: There are two different types of admins one has the right to edit the admins and the other does not.

View Submitted Info: There are two forms on the front-end that have sensitive information and need to be replied to quickly. Upon submission of these forms, the information is stored in a database and an email notification sent to PDS letting them know of the submission. They can then login to the Admin Area to: view, print and delete the information.

Front-End Functionality

Most of the front-end of the site is password protected. Each User/Client has a unique password used to log into the site. The password protected pages are where the Physicians and their information are found. This information can be found in three different ways.

  • An interactive skeleton that is used to display the Physicians that are Orthopedic Surgeons. There is a interactive skeleton for each state that Physicians Direct Services provides service in.
  • A page for each state that displays the physicians organized by specialty.
  • A search function that searches for Physicians by name and organizes them by state.

Also on the front-end, but not password protected are two forms that submit to a database.