Are you looking to do business on the internet? Do you have products or services that you want to sell? It is important that you use a shopping cart software that is both secure and adaptable.

A few years ago I researched the top E-Commerce shopping carts. I had a few important requirements:

  • A shopping cart that is installed on a server of your choice. Not on a third part server. This is important because it gives you full access to all of your data. You own your information. Your customer and sales information is not subject to a third party. You do not have to make monthly payments. Once the cart is installed and styled, you own it.
  • A shopping cart software that is safe and secure. It is important that the shopping cart you use is the safest you can get. So I was looking for a shopping cart who’s developers are always making security improvements to the software.
  • A shopping cart needs to stay up with changing technology on the web and allow me to access to updates.
  • I wanted full control to style the cart to suit my clients desires. Full control of what is on the page.
  • I wanted access to the database so I could add custom functionality to accommodate unique business desires.

After careful research I found a shopping cart that met all of these requirements. In the past few years, I have installed Sun Shop software on many sites. If you buy the “Owned License” then you get free updates for life. This is important because you need today’s security to keep you safe today.

Here are just a few samples of shopping carts that I have styled and installed.

Cee-Jay – Store

Cee-Jay is, as you might have guessed, powered by SunShop. This is the e-commerce site that I first learned how to install and skin SunShop on. That is probably why I am showcasing it here. Cee-jay.com is also extremely successful. …